Grow your data. Know your food.

Our food system is the primary driver of biodiversity loss & responsible for one third of global greenhouse gas emissions. Let’s do better together.

Calyx is empowering millions of people to make better decisions, as brands, retailers and consumers.

Allowing you to quickly calculate the environmental footprint of food products, reduce your impact & share your story. Together we can use data to move towards Net Zero, Design for Nature and provide defense against greenwashing when making claims.

The Future of Food is – nature positive, carbon neutral, circular & regenerative. The challenge is knowing how to get there.

Ellen Macarthur Foundation, 2021 – The Big Food Redesign

What we do.

Calyx is the leading impact management platform for the food supply chain. Leveraging Life Cycle Assessment & advanced supply chain modeling, we make it easier to take positive climate action, design for nature and share your impact.

Food Brands & the planet love us because we measure and report on what matters:


Measure the carbon footprint of products to global standards relevant for the markets you sell in. 


Understand the amount of water and water pollution associated with development of your product. 


Biodiversity is the measure of plants and animals in a region. We assess the risk of extinction driven by food production.   


Calyx has developed a science backed, data-driven tool to reduce the complexity of sustainability measurement, reporting and communication for food brands.

Better data makes for better decisions

Build brand trust and credibility through data driven transparency.

Sustainability supported by data

Protect your brand from greenwashing claims, set out on a path to net zero and start designing for nature. has partnered with Davidson Branding to support our food and beverage clients with data-based sustainability insights.

Sustainably marketed products have dominated the growth curve for more than 5 years. Recent data across over $14 billion in sales shows there is no question that consumers are willing to pay for sustainable products. In this report we unpack sustainability and show you how saving the planet is the strongest commercial decision you can make.

We’re looking for more brands to join our journey.

Reach out if you’re a food brand who wants to be part of a better future, no matter what stage of the sustainability journey you’re on or how big or small you are, we would love to hear from you. 

We work with food brands and manufactures, restaurants, caterers and delivery services. If you can eat it or drink it, we can measure it!